Why You Should Refuse 2016 Tests Right Now

by Opt Out CNY REASON 1.  Over 200,000 just refused the 2015 ELA tests. 2015 refusals were the first step.  The time for continued action is now.  Let’s be sure that Superintendents, Boards of Education, Regents, Chancellor Tisch, NYS legislators (especially those heavy hearted ones), and Governor Cuomo know that we refused with […]

Police, Power and the Poor

by Derek Scarlino/Love and Rage It is safe to say that among the middle class in the US, the police are widely appreciated and respected. However, among the lower classes, police are often abhorred. Why? Through observations, historical analysis of socio-economics, and some two-bit psychology which is the […]

When Nonviolence Becomes Neutrality

by Derek Scarlino/Love and Rage I had a great teacher when it came to studying nonviolence, sitting in a classroom at SUNY Brockport nearly a decade ago discussing its history, its nuances, its concerted approach to negating power by challenging it, almost tauntingly, to lash out violently among […]