Love and Rage


The aims of Love and Rage are simple. We are an activist-led collective which seeks to provide our diverse, multiethnic hometown with a source for alternative news and information.

It has come to pass that that recent years have seen dramatic shifts in all currents of American and global society, but many of these currents go much farther back. Many run deeper than is presented. From the social to the economic to the political. We are activists, writers, students, teachers and organizers who have collectivized to use our talents to tie the strings together.

If you’re looking for fair and balanced, keep searching. There’s no such thing. What there are plenty of, however, are facts. We’ll do our best to present those.

What there’s also a lot of are analyses to news and information that local for-profit media are not equipped to engage in. We don’t want to skim the surface. We want to dig in and present insight, from the bottom-up. From the resistance.


All original content is allowed to be re-published under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. Basically, we just ask for the bare minimum attribution. Other content solicited from or submitted by outside sources require whichever respective permissions the original author requests.

Due to the nature of the site’s content, we claim no responsibility for user generated content for views or information expressed among comments. We only screen comments for spam and otherwise allow voices to be heard.


“You can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


– Love and Rage Team

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