Call to Action: Congressman Hanna’s Vote Crucial for ‘Fast Track’ Vote

by John Furman/Central New York Citizens in Action

PRESS RELEASE – The House is scheduled to vote on Fast Track legislation and a host of other awful trade proposals this Friday (6/12).  Please call Rep. Richard Hanna as well as John Katko and Elise Stefanik and ask them to vote ‘No’ against the Fast Track.

We need calls to Rep. Richard Hanna, John Katko and Elise Stefanik today and tomorrow.
Call your Representative right now. Dial 855-790-8815 to connect to your representative’s office.

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is an international trade agreement written in secret by multinational corporate lobbyists and President Obama wants it to be quickly fast-tracked — essentially pre-approving the agreement.

The Fast Track bill has opponents and supporters on both sides of the aisle, and some representatives are still undecided. So even if you have a right-wing Republican as your representative, your voice can make a difference.

As Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said, “This is about grassroots democracy… If enough people speak out, we can make a difference. I’m counting on all of you on this one.”

We have to go all-in.

The Fast Track bill being considered would allow dangerous trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Parntership to be rushed through Congress, with serious consequences for the economy, the environment and public health. The vote is going to be close, but with your help, we can derail this corporate power grab.

On top of that, the House is expected to hold two other trade votes tomorrow. One is on inadequately-funded “Trade Adjustment Assistance” that would exclude large numbers of displaced workers whose careers are offshored as a result of failed U.S. trade policy from accessing job retraining programs. We and our labor partners are urging Congress to vote no on this cynical piece of the trade package.

Perhaps most henious of all, the House is also poised to vote on a customs bill that would weaken language already approved by the Senate to crack down on countries that are the worst violators of human trafficking. To put it plainly: a vote for the customs bill is a vote in favor of modern-day slavery.

This isn’t some hypotheical issue. Recently, slave camps with mass graves were found in prospective TPP-country Malaysia. Approximatley one third of the workers in Malaysia’s electronics sector are estimated to be forced laborers. Instead of addressing these horrific human rights violations, the trade package being voted on this week would give them tacit approval.

It’s inconceivable that this is the best trade policy our Congress can come up with. America can and must do much, much better than this. We need trade policies that protect jobs at home and improve working and living conditions around the world.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress NO to Fast Track

John Furman
Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 411; Utica, NY 13503-0411
Office: 500 Plant St.; Utica, NY 13502-4710

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