Month: August 2017

White Supremacists Turn Tail and Flee as Californians Hold ‘Rally Against Hate’ in Berkeley

Thousands of counter-protesters easily outnumbered the right-wing provocateurs, many of whom were bloodied after being stormed by an anarchist contingent. by TeleSur – The States  In a “Rally Against Hate,” hundreds of anti-fascists made their way to Berkeley in a counter-demonstration against the white supremacist who had called for […]

This Is Not a Dialogue

Not Just Free Speech, but Freedom Itself by CrimethInc Ex-Workers Collective / Analysis Maybe you missed this, but you’re not in a dialogue. Your views are beside the point. Argue all you want—your adversaries are glad to see you waste your breath. Better yet if you protest: they’d […]

The Not So Hidden Danger of Neutrality

‘Both Sides’ Arguments Reinforce Right Wing Violence by Derek Scarlino / Love and Rage The tactic of escalation in accordance with civil disobedience, even the nonviolent kind, is predicated on dehumanization. The goal of direct action such as sit-ins, strikes, occupations, and other tactics, is highlighting the disregard […]