by Tariq Khan / Black Rose Anarchist Federation 1. The Declaration of Independence is a document based on settler colonialism and genocide American Progress, a well known allegory of Manifest Destiny. If we read the Declaration of Independence in high school or college we know it to be […]

Mexico: Indigenous Chol Community Denounces Eviction Attempt

The Ikoltyañtyel Lak Lumal organization is a member of the Zapatista-backed National Indigenous Congress. by TeleSur Indigenous Mayan Chol people of San Jose el Bascan in Chiapas, southern Mexico, are denouncing a threat of eviction from their recovered territories by landowners hoping to sell the lands. Members of the Ikoltyañtyel Lak Lumal organization, which participates in the Zapatista-backed National Indigenous […]

EZLN Message to the Zapatista Peoples on the 25th Anniversary of the Beginning of the War Against Oblivion

by Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés / Enlace Zapatista  December 31, 2018 To our compañeros and compañeras who are Zapatista bases of support: To our compañeras and compañeros who are Zapatista Autonomous Authorities: To our compañeras and compañeros who are part of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee [CCRI] and those […]