Upcoming: Utica’s Abolition History Day

by Love and Rage/Upcoming Events

In the dusty streets of Utica, on October 21st, 1835, shouts of “treason” and “fanatics” rang out. Nationally-known abolitionists like Lewis Tappan, Gerrit Smith, and David Ruggles, along with activists from across New York State, had all gathered for the founding convention of the New York Anti-Slavery Society. A committee of 25 proper Uticans, backed up rowdier denizens of the emerging city, burst into the convention and demanded that it be disbanded. Some called the disruption, organized by elements in the American Colonization Society, a riot. Others called it the justified actions of the leaders of Utica.

Learn what the two main factions were fighting over in the struggle to end slavery.

Find out how Utica’s own abolition fight holds lessons for
today’s struggle against racism and mass incarceration.

Speakers: Rev. Robert Williams, Hope Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church.
Kathryn M. Silva, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of African and African-American History, Utica College.
Deirdre Sinnott, Writer and Activist.
Dr. Milton C. Sernett, Professor Emeritus of African American Studies and History, Syracuse University.
Mary Hayes Gordon, Oneida County Freedom Trail Commission.
And more.

This event will take place on Wednesday October 21st at 6 PM at the Hope AME Zion Church located at 751 South Street in Utica.

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