Revolution in Rojava

Kurdish Liberation Movement Calls for International Resistance

by NAV-DEM (Navenda Civaka Demokratîk ya Kurdên li Elmanyayê)

The Kurdish umbrella organization NAV-DEM calls for the joint coordination of protest actions against the threatening military invasion of Turkey in Northern Syria and for the formation of internationalist resistance committees!

The USA has announced the withdrawal of its soldiers from Syria. The airspace over Northern Syria is thus cleared for Turkey. The Kurdish umbrella organization NAV-DEM calls for joint action in view of the threatening occupation of Northern Syria. The following is the statement released by NAV-DEM:

It is no longer a question of whether, but when the attack on our revolution will begin in northern Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced a few days ago that he would launch a military offensive against the self-governing areas in northern Syria in the shortest possible time. On Monday, December 17, he declared the preparations of the Turkish army completed and threatened that the offensive was only a matter of time. After the announcement of a military invasion in Rojava by the Turkish president Erdoğan, the autonomy administration of Northeast Syria called for mobilization. In the cities and neighborhoods, the resistance is already being organized by society.

Turkey’s occupation war against the canton of Afrin, which violates international law, has shown the whole world what the Turkish state is capable of. Afrin was an oasis of peace, while the war has destroyed Syria over the last seven years. With the Turkish occupation, Afrin was reduced to rubble, and hundreds of thousands of people had to flee. The people of Afrin experienced massacres, rapes, kidnappings, destruction and other brutalities every day. Afrin, the island of tolerance, is today a training center for Salafists. What the Turkish state in Afrin tried to destroy is the democratic project that was built and defended with great efforts and heavy sacrifices during the six years of the revolution. The revolution in northern Syria or Rojava has shown us all that another world is possible. A world beyond nationalism, religious sectarianism and imperialist heteronomy. It is a revolution of women, in which women take their destinies into their own hands and autonomous women’s organization takes place in all areas of society.

Decisive Struggle for Survival

While Kobanê was besieged by the murderous gangs of the so-called Islamic State (IS) and Afrin was attacked and occupied by the Turkish army, hundreds of thousands of us in Europe and all over the world took to the streets to defend precisely these values and this revolution together. World Kobane-Day and World Afrin-Day are an expression that the revolution in Rojava is our common revolution. Now the crucial struggle for survival of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria is nourishing itself.

The societies in Northern Syria have already announced that they will defend the liberated territories to the end. It is now up to us to make the crimes against Rojava public, to denounce them and to be the windpipe of our revolution, which is surrounded by everything.

Coordinating the Common Resistance

We therefore call upon all those who can identify themselves with the values of this revolution, all those for whom Rojava has become a hope and inspiration in recent years, and all those who no longer want to see the Federal Government once again making itself the accomplice of another massacre before all eyes: join together in your cities and quarters to form Internationalist Resistance Committees in defense of Rojava and build broad alliances across all ideological borders. Just as we met during Kobanê and Afrin in flexible solidarity committees and alliances, we must now coordinate the common resistance in this way. We would like to emphasize that a strategic and long term construction of these committees will be decisive for the future common democratic resistance also here in Germany.

Form Internationalist Resistance Committees, participate in the actions and visit the Kurdish associations in your cities. Join forces with your comrades on the ground and take your protest against the war of extermination in Turkey and the aiding and abetting of German militarism to the streets.

Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples!
Together we will defend our revolution!

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