Pipeline Explosion in Alabama Kills 1, Injures 5 as Gas Prices Rise

by Derek Scarlino / Love and Rage

Shelby County, AL – A deadly Colonial Pipeline explosion in Helena, AL, outside of Birmingham, on Monday also ignited separate wildfires in the affected area.

According to WHNT 19, on Monday afternoon several subcontractors for Colonial Pipeline were attempting to flush out one of the two lines which run through the area, that’s when the explosion occurred.

People injured in the explosion were taken to Birmingham-area hospitals according to a UAB Hospital spokesperson. Shelby County Sheriff John Samaniego has also stated that there could be up to two individuals, both workers, missing. One person has been reported killed in the explosion.

The incident happened just west of a rupture which occurred a month ago and led to gasoline shortages across the Southern US.

Up to three wildfires had been recorded in the aftermath, covering up to 31 acres of land.

Colonial Pipeline has since shut down both pipelines which run through the area. The Alabama Forestry Commission, commenting on the fire, said that there were no structures directly threatened by the resulting fires.

While the statement from Colonial Pipeline did not address questions about supply, prices have spiked as a result.

The 5,500 mile pipeline system is a major artery of fuel for the US East Coast serving up to 13 states from Texas to New York. The rise in prices was the highest jump in eight years.

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