Day of Action: Walk-Out in Solidarity

by The Movement/Press Releases

HAMILTON COLLEGE – Colleges and Universities around the world are participating in a National Walk Out demonstration in solidarity with Concerned Student 1950 to help bring an END to campus racial injustice. Stand up with students of color and their allies for a National Student Blackout in a Worldwide Day of Action!

We, as representatives of the marginalized groups, call for a ubiquitous movement toward solidarity with students standing up against the white supremacy ingrained in their institutions. We students of color and our white allies condemn all systems active on college campuses that perpetuate white supremacy.

From Hamilton, to South Africa to Mizzou, the same negligence for black and brown lives maintains.

These grave injustices hitherto established as fact lead us to demand a remedy. Hamilton must execute an immediate cultural shift, and establish permanent infrastructure to foster a responsible commitment to diversity and equal representation. We demand the official administrative support of this walk out from the Office of the President.

These demands are in no way comprehensive. Rather, they address the immediate demands associated with this demonstration.

This demonstration in solidarity will not be an isolated incident. It is the revival of the inevitable need for a restructuring of systems built against people of color on this campus. We will continue to organize, we will continue to stand in solidarity, we will continue to Walk Out as long as the system that is built against us remains unchanged. As long as there is structural injustice, expect us.

We are the movement, because we cannot remain stagnant in the face of white supremacy, injustice and hypocrisy.


Date: Wednesday November 18th
Time: 3:30 PM
Where: Kirner Johnson Building circle


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