Category: Social Justice

‘Ban the Box’ Comes to Utica

by Nay Briggs/Guest The Ban The Box campaign definitely hits home for me and is catching fire in Utica. I had  the great  opportunity in April at Mohawk Valley Community College to join forces with other supporters of this fast-growing campaign and discuss the ways that it negatively effects our communities now, but […]

The 10 Best Revolutionaries

by Ed Vulliamy/The Guardian  From student-poster staples to unsung heroes, here are our favourite boat-rockers, agitators and subverters of the status quo. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara Not for nothing has the image of Che Guevara stayed a hallmark of revolution and every expression of democratic, radical dissent, in to […]

A Mother’s Loss

by Jalil Muntaqim/ To lose a child under any circumstances is heart-wrenching for any parent. This is especially true when it is done by a representative of government. When the police kill, particularly a child, more specifically a man-child of color, it raises many questions about justification. As […]