Gallery: Back the Blue Rally in Schuyler Descends into Violence

by Love and Rage Team

Love and Rage Media and another freelance journalist and photographer were on scene at the “Back the Blue” rally organized by Trump and Tenney supporters, which was also sponsored by Dave’s Diner in Schuyler, NY. The August 26th rally was met with opposition – a counter-demonstration organized by Black Lives Matter and Utica Abolitionist activists. We encourage you to read this article published in The Indypendent about what happened and find out more about the Utica Abolitionists on the group’s Facebook page and Instagram

The Black Lives Matter Activists were determined and reserved. They stood their ground, despite the best efforts by a Trump supporting landlord, the demands made by the NYSP, and the constant stream racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs as well as threats of rape and death from Tenney and Trump supporters.


Here is the “Back the Blue” crowd of Trump and Tenney supporters. They rally every Wednesday in a different town to show their support for the two Republicans and law enforcement. The weekly gathering of racists is organized by Mohawk Valley / Central New Yorkers for Trump & Tenney. Claudia Tenney, as usual, was present and spoke at the rally.


This is when things descended into violence. Trump supporter Jason Winter attacked these young Black Lives Matter activists. You can read the full story in The Indypendent and watch the video here. BLM activist Troy Lockwood said, “I’ve never seen such a hateful crowd of people in my whole life.”


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