Statement from Rochester Black Lives Matter: Stop Killing Us!

by Rochester Black Lives Matter / Press Release

We are inspired by the incredible show of solidarity at the Black Lives Matter rally, and the care people took in wearing masks and looking out for those most vulnerable. The events that took place after the rally, in different parts of the city, are the inevitable consequence of the exploitation of our labor, the extraction of our wealth, and the disregard for our basic humanity.

Our communities cannot afford to wait another one hundred years to be granted an existence free of mass criminalization, mass surveillance, and mass incarceration. We want our families to be able to live in peace, with dignity, and free to pursue their creative potential. To realize this vision, the City of Rochester and its electeds must:

  1. Divest from police and invest in our communities. Resources–not police and prisons–are what create safety. Remove police from Rochester City Schools. The Rochester City School District must sever ties with the Rochester Police Department.
  2. End mass incarceration. Support community-based alternatives to incarceration and restorative justice.
  3. Return any and all contributions from law enforcement PACs. Elected officials and candidates should donate all money from the police lobby to local bail funds.

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