Defend the Mauna: How You Can Help

by Oʻahu IWW / Take Action

The following links are some of the ways that you can help sustain Hawaiian action in the defense of Mauna Kea from the planned construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). The geography of the Hawaiian archipelago presents unique challenges to organizing and solidarity outreach.

Here we are listing vetted ways for anyone to make donations. All of these links are either being promoted by groups organizing on-site or run by comrades.

Hawaiian Airlines – If you have miles, you can log-in and donate them for those trying to get to the mauna. 

Hawaiʻi Community Bail FundAn Oʻahu-based initiative organized by comrades of the Democratic Socialists of Honolulu. All funds donated at this time will go to support kia’i (protectors).

Miles for the Mauna – Sponsored by KAHEA, you can click the link and donate miles from Hawaiian Airlines or Southwest. KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance is a non-profit that works for environmental protection and cultural rights.

Mauna Medic Healers Hui – Weather on the mauna is not like that which one pictures in their mind when typically thinking about Hawaiʻi. Higher altitudes mean colder temperatures. Also, the threat of state violence is always present. Linked is a gift-card registry for Target.

For those making the trek, the Mauna Medic Healers Hui recommends the following to prepare for the elements:

  • Dressing in layers (temperatures drop with cloud cover, and of course, at night)
  • Long sleeves (you can sunburn through your clothes)
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Rain coat/poncho
  • Rain boots/shoes

They also have plenty of chapstick and sunblock!


This list will be updated as needed.

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