Ithaca Activists Condemn Fascist Activity at Cornell University

by Campus Insurrection

Editorial note: This statement was released in response to the rise in fascist and anti-Semitic activity at Cornell University. More background can be found by reporting done by The Cornell Daily Sun.


We condemn the recent fascist and anti-Semitic activities on Cornell‘s campus. It’s become clear that resurgent racist activity here is being enabled by public Nazi organizing in the Central New York region and across Turtle Island. Nazi cowards wage propaganda wars on college campuses, with the national alt-right movement recruiting conservative students as a means of advancing their reactionary agenda of extermination. The place and time for counter-struggle are here and now.

We reject calls for increased police militarization to combat fascist activity. The police imperil the safety of targeted communities and will not protect us.

We reject attempts by the local far-right to pin the blame on multi-racial, multi-religious Palestine solidarity organizing. This serves only to dis-inform the public, intensify Islamophobia, and obscure the capitalist, white supremacist, and settler-colonial foundations of resurgent American fascism.

We call for community solidarity against current and potential future spates of fascist and racist action on campus, rejecting pathetic lip service of “concern” from university administrators. There shall be no platform for fascists, racists, and anti-Semites on this campus.

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