Love and Rage Media Launching Newspaper, Looking for Submissions

by Love and Rage Team

You read this right. A newspaper!

After four years of maintaining an online presence, Love and Rage will also become a newspaper! We still see the need and value of having an alternative newspaper available in smaller cities, towns and rural communities in Upstate NY. This need becomes more urgent as other alternative papers in the state are folding. Members of the Industrial Workers of the World, or “Wobblies” as we are so often called, in Upstate NY provided funding to make this publication a reality. The Love and Rage website has been run by Wobblies from the outset – this latest transition builds on years of creating an alternative, radical, left wing and union voice initially for Utica, and Upstate NY more broadly. There are plans to launch the newspaper in October and distribute it in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Utica and to many small towns and rural areas in the Mohawk Valley, across Upstate, Northern and Central New York.

This is where you come into the picture. We are looking for submissions for the newspaper. The focus will of course be on the IWW and the labor movement but, as always, we will cover social movements, news and analysis. We are looking for stories that shed a spotlight on Upstate NY but are also looking for stories that cover the IWW, social movements, news and analysis that are national and international in scope.

Although we are always looking for longer and more in-depth pieces for our website, for the newspaper we are looking for hard hitting, shorter pieces. You should aim to keep your articles less than 1200 words. Shorter articles are even better (500-700 words). You also have the option of sending us an edited shorter version in addition to a longer piece that we would publish separately on our website. And think big! We are looking for investigative stories, muckraking, Gonzo journalism, interviews…. Be creative and be bold!

We are also looking for people to help out with distribution in Albany, Troy, Utica, Rome, the Mohawk Valley and, well, think about any small city or town in rural Upstate NY. Please contact us if this is something that interests you. And it goes without saying but this will be edited, designed and printed by union labor.

Please send all submissions in the body of the email AND as a word document attachment to

Help us make history in Upstate NY and get involved with Love and Rage and the IWW today!

For a better world,

The Love and Rage Team

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