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Nebraska Gun Group Moves Meeting With Congressman After Antifa Exposes Nazi Gunsmith

by Anti Facist Action Nebraska / Idavox

LINCOLN, NE – A gun group has relocated an Aug. 25 conference to another venue when was learned and reported by antifa that its original location employs a longtime member of the neo-Nazi organization National Alliance.

According to the Anti Fascist Action Nebraska website, David Pringle, who serves as the National Alliance Chief of Staff, is also the lead gunsmith at Discount Enterprises Guns (DEGuns), a gun shop in Lincoln, and has also played a role as the shop’s public face on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In 2002, Pringle was a leader in the National Alliance’s Alaska chapter, but resigned in 2005 after the 2002 death of NA’s founder William Pierce sent the organization into chaos with members fighting over money and property. Photos from after he resigned still show him associating with members and being on the Mill Point, WV compound, but he officially rejoined in 2016 to help restructure the organization with new leadership.

The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association planned to hold their 2018 Annual Members Meeting at DE Guns until the revelation, and has since moved to the the Omaha Gun Club after learning of “disturbing information” about an employee at DE Guns. Rep. Don Bacon, who was once on a list of members of Congress who were worst for women, was scheduled to attend the meeting. It is not certain that he will attend.

While DE Guns has not published a statement regarding Pringle, and has deactivated their Facebook account, NFOA said in theirs, without mentioning him, that he does “not reflect or resemble the values, beliefs, or ideas of NFOA or its members.”

Pringle has deleted his Twitter account.

This article was re-published on Love and Rage with permission from Idavox.

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