Love and Rage Unite The Right 2 Twitter Stream

by Love and Rage Team

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One of our intrepid members Tweeted live from the scene in DC last weekend. As expected, through antifascist organizing over the last year, as well as infighting and burning bridges within the white nationalist movement, the fascist turnout was paltry.

While there wasn’t as much to report as there was last year, or even events earlier in the summer, the theme of recent public fascist activity and antifascist resistance has centered less on street skirmishes between the two sides and more on police escalation of violence against antifascists and counterprotesters looking to shut down platforms for fascist ideas.

Whether it has been Portland, Charlottesville, or DC, the state has essentially been affording these far-right groups a welfare handout in the form of police protection.

The following Tweet was referenced above, but is currently unavailable. Here it is provided for context:

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