Democratic Socialists of Honolulu Stage Rally at ICE Office During Day of Marches, Protests

by Refuse Fascism Honolulu / The States


Click for larger image. [Photo: Refuse Fascism Honolulu

Honolulu, HI – About 50 determined, courageous, and spirited protesters lined Ala Moana Blvd this morning. The protest was initiated by Democratic Socialists of Honolulu, and was joined by supporters of other groups.

After a short sign-holding on Ala Moana Boulevard, the group headed for the Homeland Security office a block away, chanting along the way. There was a short rally on the sidewalk before the majority of protesters decided to risk arrest and march past the “No Trespassing” sign and to the ICE building.

ICE officers confronted them at the building and demanded they turn back. Instead the group began to sing “We Will Not be Moved” while the ICE officers huddled and called their superiors for further directions.


Click for larger image. [Photo: Refuse Fascism Honolulu]

One was heard to say “They’re trespassing … if we arrest them there will be a lot of drama.” More ICE officers huddled inside the building and they finally called for back-up.

Spokespeople urged ICE officers to become conscientious objectors. Honolulu PD came and met with a legal observer but didn’t arrest anyone. The press came. Protesters stood firm. Activists agitated; protesters chanted. Some sang. After about 90 minutes the group left chanting “We’ll be back!” and met with the press on the sidewalk in front.


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