Baltimore Police Caught Planting Drugs Before Arrest

by TeleSur – The States

Police body cameras automatically recorded the incident, before the officer formally activated the device and “discovered” the package of drugs.

A video released by Baltimore’s public defender office shows Officer Richard Pinheiro walking into a garbage strewn lot, stashing a bag filled with white heroin capsules into an empty can and returning to his two partners on the street prior to an arrest in January.

Police body cameras automatically recorded the incident, before the officer formally activated the device and “discovered” the package of drugs, according to the department’s policy of documenting all investigations.

Three videos were delivered to the department that day, one intercepting the alleged buyer of the drugs, another of the suspected distributor, and the third of the officers finding the contraband.

“This is a serious allegation of police misconduct,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, adding that the department has “not reached any conclusions.”

The police department reported that the Office of Professional Responsibility Ethics Section is investigating the case.

The man arrested during the incident for drug possession has been in jail since January, according to attorney Deborah Levi, after he was unable to post the US$50,000 bail.

Melba Saunders, spokeswoman for the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office stated that the prosecutor took immediate action, dismissing the case against the alleged offender.

The two officers have been placed on administrative duty as the investigation continues, while Pinhiero is suspended. Fifty-three cases in which Pinheiro played witness are now being reopened and investigated for discrepancies.

 This article was re-published on Love and Rage within Creative Commons licensing guidelines.

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