Aaron Dorn Relief Fund

This fundraiser is to help a #NODAPL Water Protector from Central New York named Aaron Dorn.

Aaron was assaulted and arrested by up to one dozen ND police officers. You can see the video at Unicorn Riot or on YouTube.

He is the guy on the ground. He can clearly be heard and we know his clothing as well.

We can clearly hear his voice pleading, “What are you doing? He hit me…” It’s unclear after that what was happening because you can barely see him.

The Story

He was driving from Sacred Stone to Mandan to get supplies and attend an action. He was with a very large convoy of cars (he said around 100 cars) as they travel in packs for safety. He was driving in the front (not sure if he meant he was the exact first car). At one point the police started following them. The police then at another point pulled in front of Aaron’s truck. They were all going a very slow speed (around 5-10 miles per hour) while this was happening.  At this point Aaron drove around and tried to pass the slowing police cars. He successfully passed and then kept driving towards Mandan.

He then got to Mandan, pulled over, parked the car, and attended the action “No Pilgrims, No Pipelines, No Prisons, No Problems” for approximately one hour.

At some point near the end of the action in Mandan the police started coming towards him while he was somewhere close to a Burger King (another reason the video is known to be him). When he saw the officers approaching him he put both his hands out and away from his body and said “get back”.

At this point the police rushed him and beat, punched, and kicked him. He was kicked and punched in the ribs so hard he thought that his ribs were broken. His head was slammed on the pavement. He couldn’t tell us how many there were. He also couldn’t tell us for how long they were hurting him he just said maybe 2 – 5 minutes.

When he asked why he was being arrested police said that they had video of him endangering police officers and their cars by driving around them. He is being charged with Reckless Endangerment (a felony) and Obstruction of Justice (it is unclear if this will be a felony or not).

Aaron is at the Morton County jail now,  they released him from the hospital. We cannot get a full report on his injuries yet, nor the status of his case.


What this money will go for:

To help Aaron cover the medical expenses. He is a small business owner with no insurance.

To help get his truck out of impound.

Thank you SO much for giving and sharing whatever you can do. We have to show these officers we do not abandon one of our own!

Campaign Updates:

November 26 – Aaron has been bailed out by the main fund. This does not mean he is out of trouble, and they still have his truck and cell phone. So medical bills and impound fees are the worst problem. Legal representation is being covered as it is with all others there. 

He is still sore, but overall in good spirits and carrying on!

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