Multiple Local Colleges Organize for ‘Our Power Rally’ on November 15

Press Releases/Upcoming Events

Clinton, N.Y.— A consortium of college community members from Hamilton College, Colgate University and Utica College will gather in Clinton, New York at the Clinton Green on Tuesday, November 15, from 3 to 6 pm.  Organizers anticipate that over 500 students and community members will participate in unity with 27 other colleges and universities engaging in peaceful protests against the policies of the incoming Trump Administration.

President elect Trump is a catalyst for the growing divide among many Americans.  This rally’s purpose goes far beyond President elect Trump; it serves to give a voice to the people who are affected by these injustices in the United States.  If we as an impassioned community do nothing, we will be encouraging this divisive and hateful behavior.

“For the last 18 months, we have seen and heard the unimaginable as the now President elect and his senior advisors have consistently made derogatory remarks that were xenophobic, misogynistic, and racist.  He has incited his supporters to engage in violence directed at minorities, women, immigrants, or anyone who does not agree with his views.  We expect better from our elected officials and certainly better from an incoming President,” said Areej Haroon, Hamilton College student organizer.

“Human rights, the environment, international relations, and human dignity are all at risk under a Trump Administration.  The embracing of dictators and authoritarian governments as well as a cavalier approach to nuclear proliferation is shocking,” Haroon continued, adding “Because President elect Trump has failed to release his tax returns, we don’t know exactly to whom he owes nearly $1.6 billion (according to the NY Times) and the pressures they could exert upon President Trump.”

“If President-elect Trump does not cease his bigoted rhetoric or if he continues to fail to recognize the level of violence his ideas and actions inspire, we call upon all of America, citizen or not, black or white, straight or anywhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, to boycott all Donald, Melania and Ivanka Trump products, hotels, residences, golf courses and those organizations that support or fund his businesses,” said Terri Moise, another Hamilton student organizer.

“Alexander Hamilton (the namesake of our college, a person of color, an immigrant, a Founding Father who fought in the American Revolution, and one of the principal authors of the U.S. Constitution) fought against discrimination and his legacy inspires us as Hamilton College students to engage in the exercising of our rights of assembly and free speech in support of true democracy. Today we are exercising those rights as we fear the path upon which America is currently headed will lead to the normalization of bigotry and intolerance under the incoming administration,” concluded Moise.

To join the protest or learn more about the “Our Power” rally, contact Aleta Brown and Polly Bruce:



OUR POWER RALLY Facebook event page

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