Release: Syracuse’s Project X Joins Organizers in BLM Demonstration

by Project X/Press Release

For Immediate Release

Shaunna Spinner-Spivey, CEO Project X

Local Organization: Project X Joins Organizers in Local #BLM Demonstration

12 July 2016

SYRACUSE – “This movement is not radical, aggressive or violent…those are some of the issues that we are aiming to dismantle…in fact, it’s not even about race at all, rather it’s a focused effort to mobilize the community in a way that ignites a transformation of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.” – Project X consultant Joshua King.

At 9:00 A.M. on Monday, July 18, 2016 Project X, will be leading a peaceful demonstration “Black Lives Matter…Less Talk, More Action”, outside of the Everson Museum located at 401 Harrison Street.

In a local effort to show solidarity for recent events involving the loss of lives of numerous citizens across the country including Alton Sterling  in Minnesota, Philando Castile in Louisiana, and the tragic losses of law enforcement officers in Texas; all of which highlight growing concerns here in Syracuse, NY regarding police and citizen conduct, community relations, race and other social justice issues.

Project X Founder and CEO Shaunna Spivey-Spinner seeks to serve as a driving force in systems change, saying, “#‎blacklivesmatter is a movement, a mobilization of ALL races in regards to one of the most underserved, misunderstood and disenfranchised populations: the communities of color.  Project X loves and appreciates ALL lives, we ALL matter, however black lives are being continually lost to incarceration, intimidation and incessant violence at disproportionately alarming rates.”

Endorsed and joined by Black Lives Matter: Syracuse Chapter, Masking & Kompany, The Good Life Foundation, Believer’s Chapel City and numerous local agencies, organizations and citizens; Project X invites all to attend this peaceful gathering for solidarity and transformation of the Greater Syracuse area, asking the community to prepare posters and signage to help share their personal message during the first of many community mobilization demonstrations and meetings.

Founded in 2010, Project X has led the charge for supporters in Syracuse and the surrounding area to improve community contact with law enforcement, decrease violence and address discrimination, segregation, gentrification and race relations

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