Derek Scarlino

First Area Trump Rally Elicits Multiple Counter-demonstrations

by Love and Rage Team/Local News

ROME – As local Trump supporters, led by former Utica Councilman Jim Zecca, announced a planned rally in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, multiple counter-demonstrations have been planned by area activists in both cities of Rome and Utica on Saturday, April 2nd.

A pro-Bernie Sanders rally, organized by a group of Sanders supporters in Rome, will take place across from Fort Stanwix, the planned site of the rally in support of Donald Trump. This event will be followed by canvassing for Bernie Sanders by supporters.

Additionally, a second demonstration, deemed a “peaceful message against Trump”, will occur in the same area of the fort called the ‘First Amendment Area’ (map included in details below). This demonstration will seek to showcase the distaste for way Donald Trump has run his controversial campaign.

Honk for Bernie Rally:
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Location: The corner of N. James St and Erie Blvd across from Fort Stanwix (on the Berkshire side).
Facebook event page

Counter-Trump Rally:
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Location: Meeting up at the Capitol Theatre at above time, then walking to ‘First Amendment Area’.
Facebook event page
Map (open in new tab for full size)


All interested in attending either rally are encouraged to prepare for rainy weather and bring cell phones, cameras and signs.

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  1. Many of us who are independents have watched in dismay as the Kool-Aid drinkers on both sides gulp down the egregious false statements about opposing candidates. We’d just like to attend speeches from both Clinton and Trump, and make up our own minds as to who we want to vote for; without having events like this cancelled by haters on both sides. That does not represent the best face of democracy.


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