Gallery: Rally for Refugees in Utica

Photos by Stephanie Inserra and Harold Cribb

Pictures taken of the Rally for Refugees in Utica’s Oneida Square. The rally, sponsored by local groups such as The Herkimer-Oneida Green Party, Central New York Citizens in Action, Love and Rage, Mohawk Valley Freedom School and members of local chapters of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation and the IWW.

The rally was held in response to the votes, attitudes and moratoriums of elected representatives  Congressman Richard Hanna (R-22), New York State Senate Assemblyman Joe Griffo (R) and Utica Councilman Frank Vescera (D).

Candles were lit in solidarity with the victims of  conflict and persecution who are currently seeking asylum or trying. Utica has become home to over 15,000 refugees from conflict zones around the globe since its refugee center opened in 1981 forming a diverse community of Bosnian, Russian, Vietnamese, Somali Bantu, Afghan, Iraqi, Karen/Burmese, Palestinian and Nepali peoples, among several other nationalities.

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