‘Banksy: Taking the Piss’ – A Comic by Gavin Aung Than

Artwork by Gavin Aung Than/Zen Pencils


About the quote: ‘Taking the Piss’ is an excerpt from the 2004 book Cut It Out, by Banksy the English graffiti artist of repute which varies on your opinion of antiestablishment, iconoclast street art. Banksy’s work can be seen on the internet and even in real life from the streets of Bristol, London and other UK cities, to their zoos and even in places like the West Bank wall. Banksy as also smuggled his works into art museums.

About the comic: Gavin Aung Than is an Australian artist who takes existential, inquisitive and socially concious quotes from influential persons throughout history and applies his visual interpretation of them by creating a world of ink around them, highlighting the points of said quotes. His other works can be seen and bought at Zen Pencils. He also takes quote submissions… which is quite awesome. This comic was published on Love and Rage with his permission and we are thankful for both the permission and being able to host one of his works.


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