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The Wobblies are Back in Little Falls! – Performance of Strike Story and a Book Reading of Matilda Rabinowitz: Immigrant Girl, Radical Woman to Take Place in Little Falls, NY in Late October

by LiFT Theater Company/Press Release Little Falls is pleased to welcome the return of their very special guest later this month for a weekend of historic celebration of the Little Falls IWW Textile Strike of 1912. LiFT brings their revival of Strike Story to Travelodge in Little Falls, […]

Five Revolutionary Women From the Mohawk Valley

by Brendan Maslauskas-Dunn/Love and Rage This list of five revolutionary women from the Mohawk Valley was written in celebration of International Working Women’s Day, a holiday that has very radical roots in the labor and socialist movements, and in the tumultuous textile strikes that swept across New York […]

(This interview was originally conducted by Brendan Maslauskas-Dunn and published in 2010 in the IWW’s Industrial Worker and on ZNet)   I understand you spent some time in the Bay Area growing up. What were you politically involved with back then? Howie Hawkins (HH): Well, Willie Mays was a […]