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The Origins of Fascism

by Gabriel Cavagionni/Guest Love and Rage is publishing this as part of our series chronicling the rise of the far right, proto-fascist groups and fascism in general around the world.  From the beginning of fascism in Italy to Nazism in Germany, fascism has affected Europe and changed the […]

Ending Anti-Black State Violence

by Opal Tometi/ROAR Magazine In 1992, the world witnessed African American Rodney King being brutally beaten by Los Angeles policemen. In 1999, Amadou Diallo, an unarmed Black immigrant from Guinea, was shot 19 times by five New York City policemen outside his apartment. Sean Bell was shot to […]

Socialism or Barbarism

by Matt Lester/Guest My political awareness is shaped by what happened to my Grandfather. Of course, there are other things. But it is high on the list. It filters my world-view. Growing up in Germany during the rise of the Nazis, fleeing to a Jewish community in Shanghai, […]